Important! ICANN rules change

You should pay close attention to this if you own a domain name. A fairly brain-dead change of  ICANN’s transfer rules will make it much easier for registrars to steal your domain registration away from your chosen registrar or even the domain itself. If your current registrar doesn’t allow you to lock the domain, you really should consider switching to a better one. If you are still with Network Solutions, not only are you paying much more than you should be, but you are supporting one of the more evil companies out there. You really ought to switch. Here’s more details from my friend Bob Thompson: If you own a domain name, this is important. In the past, if anyone attempted to transfer a domain name, the current registrar notified the domain owner and waited for approval before transferring the domain to the new registrar. If the domain owner did not respond, the domain transfer was denied. Under new (and inexplicable) ICANN rules that take effect tomorrow, if the domain name owner does not respond, the transfer must be approved. This raises the very real possibility that domain “slammers” will be able to hijack your domain. Note that if you respond to the notification email and explicitly deny the transfer, that still prevents the domain from being transferred, but in this age of spam filters it’s quite possible that you’ll never receive the notification and will lose your domain. Nor is the risk only that your domain will be transferred to another, more expensive registrar, but remain under your control. If I’m reading the rules correctly, a malefactor could transfer ownership of your domain as well. I have all of my domains at GoDaddy offers free “domain locking”, which prevents any unauthorized transfer. If your domain is registered at, I strongly recommend that you update your account information to enable domain locking. If your domain is registered at a registrar that does not offer such a feature, I recommend that you transfer your domain immediately to or another registrar that does offer domain locking. Under this new and unjust ICANN policy, I foresee a flood of bogus transfer attempts to hijack desirable domain names. Make sure yours isn’t one of them.

I can second his recommendation of Godaddy. I’ve about 10 domains registered with them and they’ve always been very easy to work with, have a great interface to make changes, and one of the lowest prices in the industry. If you’d like to switch to another registrar, but need help / have questions, comment or IM me and I’ll be happy to help if I can.