Cat Haikus

Start the morning off right with some delightful cat haikus. Molly got these from one of her teachers.

Blur of motion, then - Silence, me, a paper bag. What is so funny? You’re always typing. Well, let’s see you ignore my Sitting on your hands. My small cardboard box. You cannot see me if I Can hide my head. Terrible battle. I fought for hours.  Come and see! What’s a “term paper”? Small brave carnivores Kill pine cones and mosquitoes, Fear vacuum cleaner. Want to trim my claws? Don’t even think about it! My cries will wake dead. I want to be close To you. Can I fit my head inside your armpit? Wanna go outside. Oh no! Help! I got outside! Let me back inside! Oh no! Big One has been trapped by newspaper! Cat to the rescue! Humans are so strange. Mine lies still in bed, then screams! My claws aren’t that sharp… .