I’m always game for a good serial, and I had high hopes for Jericho. The previews looked pretty good, and the premise was intriguing and looked as though it would make for a good developing plot arc thingie. Alas, it was crap. The writing was soapy and featured truly horrendous dialog, littered with cliches and stupid moments. The acting was embarrassingly bad, particularly the supporting roles. But the worst aspect was definitely the music. As is becoming typical with crap TV shows, we got to hear several Famous Pop Songs that made sure to let the audience know what the expected emotional response should be. While the songs really weren’t that awful, one in particular was so badly placed I thought for a moment I was watching a commercial for some kind of homemade $FOOD and had stopped fast forwarding my DVR too early. I have no idea what the song was, but it featured an emo male lead who wheezed along while the Long Lost Son returned to his Long Lost Home to see his Long Lost Family. The underscore was just awful. Crappy synth and derivative, uninspired composition that sounds just like every other crap TV score that makes my ears bleed. Am I overusing crap? Well crap, I swear these guys have an algorithmic process that allows quick and painless generation of totally boring, crap TV music. With so many shows these days getting well composed orchestral scores, it was disappointing to hear such a highly hyped show with 1990s quality synth without even decent composition to make it less irritating. This is CBS, so I guess I should have expected it. :) Anyhow, the only positive aspect is the slowly developing and pretty interesting plot. The idea behind it is promising, I really hope it gets better. I may give it one more try, just because I like the premise so much. It was a pilot after-all. They mostly do suck. Mostly.