Contextual Electronics.

31 Jul, 2016 - 3 minutes
I’m certainly not going to run out of things to learn about electronics. Anytime I start exploring something new, it leads to a bunch of combined feelings that mix up into a frothing mass. Excitement at gaining better understanding, and the general love of learning. Distress wondering if some things are ever going to make sense, or if I lack the fundamental bits I need to figure them out. (like Hard Math™) Sleepiness, from too many late nights fiddling.

Debugging Success!

24 Jul, 2016 - 2 minutes
Yesterday I mentioned I wasn’t able to get debugging going with JTAG and my STM32 dev board. I puzzled it out today, and it was a definite PEBKAC. Alas. In the hopes that it may help someone, I’ll share my results here. The key is a “make it work” setting within CubeMX. By default, the JTAG pins are not configured! This is probably obvious to folks used to working with this platform.

Cheap STM32 dev board fiddlings.

23 Jul, 2016 - 10 minutes
The Prelude The STM32 has garnered some attention lately as a possible successor/upgrade for the limited AVR microcontrollers that most Arduinos use. I’m not sure why it has captured the spotlight away from other interesting options, such as the Freescale part used in the Teensy. Perhaps that’s only my perception. There is certainly room enough for multiple nifty alternatives. As is common, the place to go for cheap and cheerful if slightly dodgy electronical goodness is Banggood.

Ubuntu Keyring Gotcha

8 Jun, 2013 - 3 minutes
One nice feature you get for free with OSX is an automatic handy ssh keyring thingie that loads in all your private keys and optionally saves their passphrases to the native keychain app. This native keychain application has highly customizable security options that, when configured properly, make it difficult (impossible?) for someone without your account credentials to use your private key without providing the passphase, while still allowing for a “single sign on” experience of happiness.

Dovecot Virtuals are Spiffy!

5 Jun, 2013 - 4 minutes
One of my goals with the new server was to learn as much as possible. In that light, I decided I would use as many new (to me) bits of server software as I could. I will do a write up soon on the whole setup, but for now I want to talk briefly about Dovecot’s virtual plugin. (Dovecot is the IMAP server I selected for my setup.) As a gmail convert, I’ve been trying to find ways to replicate the bits of the “gmail experience” that I liked.